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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Gearing up for the second half

When I first started writing this it was really about getting in shape during my 45th year but in reality it was a weight loss thing. Over the course of time I lost 100 lbs . Since then I've put a few pounds back on but have been way less active than feels good. The lethargy leads to bad eating, more drinking and some really unpleasant moods! So enough of that! My real long term concern is not a number on the scale but about being a good role model for my kids,  the kind of guy my wife thinks I can be see ( and of course to get ready for an awesome second half; the second 45 years give or take a few! As a leisure professor (yeah it is a real thing!) I know how important it is not just to be activity but to have activities we care about, activities that allow us to be part of a community and activities that are not only fun and engaging but also meaningful. As a starting point I'm out to get more involved in cycling and to work toward a more Paleo diet and approach to life. Less processed crap and much much more time outside!  So some small first steps.  I've been out on the bike 3 days in row, found out where to get some amazing grass feed beef right here on Vancouver Island and am planning on doing a randonneuring event in March. More on all of these in the coming weeks. Hopefully I will post at least weekly. So we will see how this caveman biking thing works for me as a life long way to live!

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